Our detailed-oriented Perfect Cleaners team will thoroughly clean your house. We customize our client’s needs and provide the best quality service.
Residential Cleaning Bubble | Perfect Cleaners Janitorial Services, Inc.

We do not cut corners. We clean them!

Enjoy peace of mind when you hire Perfect Cleaners to clean your home. We provide the same crew, at the same time, each time so you can get to know out team and they can get to know you.
Life’s Too Short for House Cleaning!

  • One Time Cleaning
  • Weekly
  • Biweekly

  • Move-in
  • Move-out

Residential Cleaning Checklist


  • Top of refrigerator
  • Top of stove
  • Microwave inside and out
  • All appliances
  • Outside cabinets


  • Dust furniture
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Fans when needed
  • Baseboards when needed

Living Room

  • All of the fans when needed
  • Under all the cushions from all sofas
  • Baseboards when needed
  • Window fingerprints
  • Window sills


  • Outside cabinets
  • Counter and sink
  • Mirrors
  • Lamps
  • Toilet
  • Shower/Bath
  • Vacuum lanais/porches
  • Wipe off all furniture

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Checklist


  • Refrigerator/freezer: clean inside and out
  • Sink
  • Floor
  • Dishwasher
  • Stove (oven, oven drawer, broiler pans, racks)
  • Cabinets: inside and Out
  • Behind stove and refrigerator

Living Room

  • Fingerprints on the wall and switches
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Vacuum closets
  • Clean the windows and window sills


  • Fingerprints on the walls and switches
  • Clean the doors and moldings
  • Vacuum carpet
  • Clean windows and window sills
  • Counter top/cabinets
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Sink
  • Bathtub/shower
  • Towel bars


  • Clean top of hot water heater unit
  • Wipe all closet doors
  • Wipe off all blinds
  • Wipe off all light globes
  • Entry way tile
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Clean ceiling fans

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