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Serving all of Naples and the surrounding areas.

Perfect Cleaners offers new construction cleaning and serves all of Naples and the surrounding areas. We have been doing new construction cleaning for many years and offer the same level of satisfaction and pride in our work as with our residential customers. Contact Perfect Cleaners today and let us give you a quote.
Whole House

  • Vacuum
  • Clean tile floors

  • Clean all wood floors
  • Clean all light fixtures

  • Move in/Move out
  • Vacuum heating/cooling vents


  • Clean inside cabinets/drawers
  • Wipe down cabinet facings

  • Clean all appliances
  • Clean countertops

  • Clean and polish sinks
  • Clean floors & polish all glass surfaces


  • Clean sinks, showers, tubs and toilets
  • Remove labels

  • Clean all light fixtures
  • Clean mirrors

  • Polish surfaces
  • Clean floors


  • Remove labels
  • Vacuum window tracks

  • Clean inside/outside
  • Clean window frames

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